The Double Bind: Women in Positions of Authority

1L WLSO member Chloe Bilodeau shares her thoughts on the double bind women in authority face while focusing specifically on Secretary Clinton. Next year, Chloe will be WLSO’s secretary.  This presidential primary has drawn attention to many issues our nation faces. For many women this election has also highlighted the issues they face every day,…

A Good Fit

AT&T’s culture of innovation and collaboration perfectly aligns with the personal philosophy about good lawyering I began developing when I was a law student at W&L.

Gender Divide Apparent in Classroom Discussions

Heated class discussions are essentially a rite of passage in law school, as studying the law means delving into controversial topics on a daily basis. Often, students were divided by their political beliefs, liberal or conservative, or by life experiences. However, in certain class conversations, we noticed opinions were almost entirely divided by gender.

Nanda Davis, Symposium Panelist, Shares Insights

Nanda Davis of The Davis Law Practice will be a panelist on the first panel of WLSO’s Symposium. This panel is titled “Power in the Law: Who will follow a Strong Woman?” and will take place from 2:00-3:00 on October 30th. She has graciously written a post about her experience as a female lawyer and…